not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 yrs~

7 years of marriage and we are still a couple 'a crazy kids in love. We had some errands and chores to do yesterday (thus the blaaaaaa tongues-out look above) but after the "work" was done we decided to get out and celebrate our special day by going fishing in Cape Cod Bay. Packed a little cooler with beer and our frozen squid bait, strapped the poles to the top of the car and headed out to find our secret spot. We got there and realized that we didn't have anything with which to open the beer. Ah well. Didn't need it. We blissed on the the light and sky and water, and silence and "nobody around but us and the moon and the sun."
And since we didn't catch any fish we ordered take-out Thai food and ate by candle light.

Best thing I've ever done is marry Leo and to feel that deeply and surely on this day is the greatest blessing ever.


Eva Schoon said...

you are a beautiful couple!

What a wonderful memories of your wedding day!

Lovey you

della said...

You two are a wonderful couple. I too remember that day as we celebrated your wedding. It was filled with joy and laughter. I like the way you celebrated your wedding anniversary, time together with nature, fish, the sunset and each other, not to mention a little 'take-out'. Moments like that are always precious.

Anonymous said...

misty eyed reading this and seeing these sweet pictures. xoxo


p.s. your hair looks cute :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Day...gone fishin...Mom