not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abridged excerpt...

...and so it was that her legs began turning into roots and her arms, branches. Intoxicating, physical joy, Growing her Self.

During this ecstasy of Becoming, she looked up and saw the majestic Hawk perched high in the next tree. Suddenly afraid she'd lost the ability to fly, she pulled her feet back out of the soil. She climbed the next tree and sat beside the Hawk. Silent. With many thoughts in her mind.

After awhile of sitting together, the Hawk told her to get on its back. They soared high and flew far. For a moment during their journey, her arms merged with the Hawk's wings and she felt the sensation of flying. Amazing, exhilarating, fascinating sights far and wide. They returned to the tree and sat again for a long while.

Finally she said to the Hawk, "I wish I could grow roots and wings."

The Hawk bent its feathered crown until the two of them were looking eye to eye. "You can!" whispered the Hawk. "You can be many many things. You need not choose one over the other. I am many things and I am also the Hawk."

Amazed, she looked at the Hawk and sure enough, she began seeing the many other shapes the Hawk took.

And how different the whole world seemed to her after hearing such a secret...

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della said...

This sounds a bit like a Christopher Moore story. I have a feeling it is a Sara Blandford original though. A great thought to live by, even when you reach my age.