not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Plow the earth of yourself...get will see the benefit

Last night we watched the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight along with (what felt like) most of San Juan del Sur. It was a LIVELY experience to say the least. As many of the Michigan tribe know, Mayweather hails from Grand Rapids, MI (my Dad's town). He was always pretty big into boxing and Mayweather being from Grand Rapids brought Dad to my mind even more. It was a great fight and I had a good feeling sitting there in San Juan harbor with Leo and all those other people, my Pops in Spirit~

Three more days before we fly out of San José, Costa Rica. Today and tomorrow surfing. Tuesday cross the border to Costa Rica by bus. Wednesday fly away home.

Toying with going to church tonight here in San Juan. The bells rang this morning as we were laying in bed. It sounded beautiful~

I listened to a Speaking of Faith episode the other night that was Excellent. I took two pages of notes and it made me want to curl up with some Rumi and Hafiz for an afternoon. One of my favorite quotes from the interview:

"If you don't plow the earth, it's going to get so hard, nothing grows in it. Just plow the earth of yourself....just get Moving...and even don't ask exactly what's going to happen. You allow yourself to move around and you will see the benefit."

-from Speaking of Faith interview with Fatameh Keshavarz on the Ecstatic Faith of Rumi

Mmm. How good it feels to listen to words
dripping with truth...
Blessings to your Sunday~


Anonymous said...

mm, mm. I love this interview too. I'm taking another listen (maybe my 3rd or 4th) while I type up meeting minutes.

And the quote you highlighted - what a gem. Plow the earth of yourself. You're good at this sister. A site to behold.

I heard the interviewee say something like everything in the universe is "quivering with love." what an image.

thinking of you and your impending return to the Cape often.


Anonymous said...

I think I screwed up that quote yesterday. I think it's supposed to be quickened with love. Anyway, did you know you can print the transcript of these programs. I printed this one before our retreat last April as preparation and possibly pulling some quotes like "plow the earth of yourself."
Thanks so much for the reminder. I went home and felt much more lively after listening to the unedited interview again. So much good, soul filling stuff in there.