not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, September 21, 2009

Today is our last day in Nicaragua. Not sure what's on the agenda, we're just kind of taking it as it comes. Yesterday was amazing. It started out much like today. A desire to surf, unsure of where or how and with whom...we ended up on a boat with 10 other people. Like-minded people with interesting stories, all living in Nicaragua. It was a big wave day and the point of the boat trip was to visit some breaks only accessible by boat to avoid the crowds. We were successful, plus it was an amazingly beautiful afternoon and evening. We did not make it to church because we were still bobbing on our boards as the sun was setting and the stars were coming out. There was some church going on inside of me, that's for sure. And everyone on the boat on the way back had smiles on their faces, gazing unabashedly at the beauty of the sky and the water. Silent fellowship, silent praise, rich full feeling~

We will miss this green lush raw place. We hope to come back, there is so much left to explore and see and learn about here. That said, after 5 weeks, it will feel good to see family and friends back home. Leo is Jones'in for a comfy couch and American football. I'm looking forward to autumn, walks in the woods, and checking out the surf at the Cape (never surfed with a wetsuit before!).

Blessings to this new week, to this new day, to the constant unfolding of our highest good, moment by unpredictable precious moment~

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