not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, January 15, 2009


From a sun-drenched beach in the Indian Ocean, we send our happy greetings to all of you. We made it safe and sound and are unwinding and getting into a groove of sorts. We are tanning up, eating lots of healthy food, digging up Singhalese words from our memorybanks and learning new words everyday, swimming and surfing, helping in the kitchen, Yoga on the roof, and of course, always, a Lion at sunset.

It was great to see these familiar family faces when we arrived. This is a place where love and loyalty flow and the tribe vibe is strong.

Erik, Leo, and I are again the 3 musketeers. We travel and "hang" very well together. I'm loving every second of having my husband and my brother around everyday and not having to rush off to work! A new Hikkaduwa experience for me....that of BEING CONTINUOUSLY PRESENT...I'm loving the gift of that.

Rohani, her husband, and another colleague of mine named Sisira came down by TukTuk yesterday and spent several hours at Why Not with us. Seeing Rohani's face was like being home. We all 3 hugged her good. It was an honor to SERVE HER food from the kitchen and sit and listen to their stories and see their smiles, share space with them. They are precious people.

I hope to see Lynn and Patric soon, and Gayathiry too. I will make my way to Colombo one of these days for a long awaited hugfest and reconnection with the rest of my tribe.

Back home, right here in Lankaland, in Norway, in Indonesia, and beyond, we continue to keep each of you close to our hearts and in our sincere prayers. We pray for strength and encouragement, and God's peace and blessing on you. This we do with sincerity, as we all follow our own paths in the direction of dreams.

Stay tuned for more from this precious little rock called Serendib~

Love in all directions,
the Dawgs

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Dikke said...

Good to hear from Serendib and the tribe.Wish we were there. It is 0 degrees here.