not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It is Sunday. A beautiful hot sunny day at the beach. MountainWave Tribe surf shop was one of several sponsors of a 2 day surf competition which started this morning at the beach break here in Hikkaduwa, just to the left of Why Not if you're looking at the water.

One of our own tribe participated this morning, Nalinda, aka the cinnamon man. He was not able to use his own board at the last minute so that messed up his game a bit but he still had fun. There was a womens round this morning too. 4 participated and I went after and congratulated the 2 I could find. It's really important for the rest of the ladies and girls on the beach to see that!!

There are starting to be commercials for the Inauguration on Sri Lankan TV. It seems the world is counting down to the 20th.

Our dear ones in and around the DC area are lucky ducks....what a cool scene it'll be in town, on the mall. If any of you get some good pictures, email me and I'll post on the blog.

Peace prayers to the north of Sri Lanka
Prayers for those without shelter in that bitter cold many of you are having in US
Prayers for good health and healing
Prayers for the highest good to unfold in these days~

That's about it from us. Love you guys, S L and E

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I really like your new blog background!