not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Leo, Erik, and I are amongst friends in Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka. It is January 20, Inauguration Day. It is 7pm here in South Asia and we are tuned in to CNN watching as people gather in our nation’s capital. I woke up to an SMS message from Lynn in Colombo, acknowledging this special day. What a great first moment of the day. I’m thankful for the connections of positive energy I have with precious friends this day.

It feels like my birthday and New Years Eve and something bigger and more profound than anything I can name. I am proud of my country today. I am proud to sit with Dimuthu, Asanka, Mahesh, Himali, Ama (Mom), Tata (Dad), a few tourist friends from Serbia and Denmark.

I watch the images on TV with admiration, with my faith in Barack Obama as President of the USA realized, and with GREAT pride in the people of my country. I am blissed out watching all the folks bundled up, having traveled and braving the cold, to be together and present for this day…….this is OUR DAY. Leo and I have our Obama shirts and smiles on. Erik, Leo, and I are feeling a strong sense of patriotism at the moment. We’ve toasted our Lion Beer, “to history” and shared many laughs and exchanged nods and smiles as we listen and watch. 3 hours to go. I’m loving the media coverage, thankful to be able to participate, half a world away physically. RIGHT THERE, in my spirit.

As our beach brother Asanka is fond of saying from time to time,
“I have a beautiful feeling.”


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Anonymous said...

So great to see your faces and Oma!(Hugs to her) It was a GREAT day...inspiring, hopeful...can't wait to see some of your DC friends' pictures! Love your new backround! Congrats to Nalinda!!Love "reading you" and we're REALLY missing you!! It's ZERO degrees here in Michigan with loads of snow!! Love, Tina