not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, January 30, 2009

Irish are the crack

Last week, two Irish beauties made Why Not their home for the days they were here and as the blessing of this place goes, we got to know them a bit during their stay. Good connection moments that had nothing to do with where they or I were from….just people being present to each other. Good stuff. I LOVED LISTENING to their accent. And I learned several interesting things. Two of the things I learned: Irish is what people from Ireland call Gaelic (didn’t know that before). Aaaand I learned another meaning for “crack”…..which to me means either a fissure in an otherwise smooth surface, as in Dude, your crack is showing….or of course the drug.

Here’s how my crack lesson went down:
Picture me, sitting at the Why Not bar, it’s late, people are drinking, some more than others, and an Irish guy who had been at a bar down the beach, walks….no….sways this way and that, up to us and one of my new friends asks him, “Any crack down there or?”

In my head, Did she just say crack?
Out loud, Did you just ask him if there’s any crack down there? (these kids don’t loooook like they smoke crack….)
She: Yeah…(blank stares and big smiles between us)
She: Do you not say that in the states?
Me: What….crack?....I mean....we haaaaave crack…my eyebrows are starting to contort which is a sure sign that I don’t know what the #*()&%@# is going on. I’m starting to crack, as in laugh.
She: Crack! (She's laughing too at this point)….Whassa’crack….means, whassup?....Any crack down there means…is it happenin’ down there….worth the walk….is the party on…you know….crack!

A little slow on the uptake with the slang. That used to only happen to the adults in my young life….ahem-ahem~


Gillian said...

Hey! What's the craic?!:) miss you guys and sitting all day doing nothing until we feel its not too early to have a bottle of Lion! Hope you are all keeping well and that the craic is still mighty in Why Not?:) xxx

Chaz said...

You know my soccer team is called Good Craic - thank Amber for the name.