not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Yesterday I was tired....and when I'm tired, I tend to get stuck in the weeds of my thoughts, in the sticky swamp of my insecurities, anxieties, and fears. I wrote furiously in my journal last night and after about a page and a half, a bit of clarity came over me and I realized that the fuel for my words was fatigue and that I should just go to sleep. 

I woke up this morning feeling better, went up on the roof and did my yoga, and ended as I do with meditation. I found it very difficult to focus, to still myself inside this morning. The same issues from yesterday, hanging in my mind. I began praying my thoughts, and in exchange...this:

Your time is short. Don't waste it. Don't worry about these things that seem so important. They are not. The only thing you need to do is to love, powerfully, those around you. Be kind and patient, in every moment you are given, with everyone. Especially those who your journey has connected you to, intimately and by family ties and friendships. This is your work. The other things will resolve themselves.

Reminded, thankful, fresh and quiet and clear, and eager to practice, I jumped off my yoga mat like I had ants in my pants (which actually isn't out of the question in a place like Hikkaduwa), came downstairs and into my day~

I don't take "Your time is short" in a scary way. I take it as in, LIFE IS matter the number of days we are blessed with. We get so twisted up and around things that are temporary and meaningless to the Spirit of the World. 

Thanks be to the reminders~ in all their shapes and sizes

Bless the day.


Mama Gast said...

Thank you for those timely thoughts.
I read as I am sitting here thinking, "How is Lucy still screaming, she is so exhausted, she needs to SLEEP." It ties together so nicely.

chad said...

thank you for that. it was very needed for us as we prepare to have a week in honduras with pedro. we are very excited, as well as a bit nervous as to what this trip has for us together and what this could mean in our future possibilities. miss and love you guys.

karen said...

Thank you for sharing such powerful thoughts; they really hit home today as I am looking at our ailing son. I know that Mick has finally hit that wall, and I feel so blessed that we were given just a little more time to snuggle, to play, to just be with him. Even though letting go is hard, we will be okay because we spent the time with him focusing on how good it was, not on his sickness. So many little things to get stressed over, and I just have to remember to step back and let it go. Thanks. We love you guys.

Doug said...

Karen...God bless you and your son Mick and your family.

Doug (Leo's and Sara's papa)

Doug said...

Regarding your feeling of wistfulness:

"May each of us discover ways to contribute. May we truly and actively seek our evolving purpose. May we find new and different and better ways to live our days. I hold in my mind the perfect unfolding." ~Sara Blandford

Just sayin'