not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, May 30, 2008

I am officially dismantling the computer stuff at the house this morning before joining Leo at the beach. It might be several days before we post again. Here are a few photos of my last few days...
Pattles and Binutz

Office friends with whom I shared my days

Gayathiry's father, adopted big sister "Akka", mom, and little sister "Tangachi"

It's a thundering dark sky today in Colombo. The clouds are moving fast and it feels like a storm is coming. Like I feel inside. Strong powerful emotions like the clouds and the thunder. This is what it is to be truly alive. 

Mister Brother, which is Leo's nickname from Gayathiry and family, is sending me text messages asking me to get a move on. I s'pose it's time to unplug this router... 

I give thanks for this time and this place. For keeping us and surrounding us with its reality. For sharing its goodness and beauty, for revealing and inviting us down paths which led us to sisters and brothers who are now precious parts of us, woven deep into the fabric of our being. We will be back, to be again in this rhythm this storm this Lankan-life we've grown to love.

Until next time and from another place~

Peace and love, Sara & Leo

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