not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Easter

Today we scheduled our return flights HOMEBOUND (early June). Feels good to have taken that step. We are both feeling better from our bouts of fever (though I refuse Leo's diagnosis of "rat fever"....gross....) and we'll soon be heading down south to enjoy the Easter weekend at the beach. Some colleagues from Colombo will be there too so it'll be an extra lively scene. Spring Equinox normally means some pretty high winds and big waves so, we'll see how it all shapes up for the surfers this weekend.

Easter memories are starting to play in my mind~ Lots of you are close at heart this weekend. Some special days will pass between now and the next time we blog. In no particular order as my mind rambles....Jessica's birthday and the official adoption of Matt & Diana's 3 daughters will happen on Friday. Lots of reasons to celebrate that day! This past Monday was Sunshine Gast's birthday. Sweet 'ole girl. And tomorrow is Alie's birthday. Now that I think about it....all these little celebrations are or were or will be in Kentucky. Guess that's the place to be if you're any of them! :)

Love to all of you,
Sara & Leo

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alie said...

Thank you Sara & Leo for thinking about me on my birthday!

Peace and Love,