not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, February 04, 2008

More pictures of our first two days


Super Bowl started at 4am this morning. Tina and Leo watched the first two quarters. Mom and I were woken at Half Time and we all watched the second half together. What an EXCITING GAME! We were hootin' and hollerin' like crazy.

Patriots score!

Giants keep gettin' Brady! "C'mon defense! What are they DOIN?!" Oh the excitement~

Gayathiry came over this morning. She was full of interesting stories about her visit to the Wanniyala-Aetto people indigenous to Sri Lanka and about Sri Lankan history and her own background.

Patric and Mom during lunch at Lynn's,
The food delicious, the fellowship wonderful~

Patric's daughter, Imalini.
Moonlight over the Himalayas~

Tomorrow morning we're heading off to the elephants and gardens outside of Kandy. The next day will be beautiful hikes and swimming in Kitulgala. Then on to tea country and after to the beach. We may not have internet access until Saturday. You can reach us on my cell phone number if you need to. Otherwise, more updates in a few days~

Peace & hugs
Dawgies and Moms


chad said...

it was a great game. i got to watch the game in new york city, and then afterward party in times square with the everyone. it was a bit crazy! interesting that the people we sat with in the bar were from grand rapids, and detroit. hope all is well.

Doug said...

Leo, I'd really be creeped out if one of those sets of toes are yours!

I don't get FOX network on my dish so I had an audio feed for the superbowl, but it was still exciting as hell!

Have fun...dlb