not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2 things

Today I have two noteworthy things to tell you about.

Number 1. It's Emily's birthday.
Kin. Soul-sister. For many good real true blue years. Celebrating her special presence among us, I wish her a happy day and a good blessed year. Love you.

Number 2. Andreas, Leo, and I went out for dinner tonight to Number 18 (a chic yummy restaurant in Colombo). Good food, good conversation, the music didn't quite fit the mood. Carly Simon classics. Which is ok for certain times but chic martini lounge is not the time for Carly Simon. But the food and conversation and lighting and wine compensated just fine.

We drove home around 10pm and somewhere between the restaurant and home, we passed a garbage man with his garbage trolley walkin' down the road. I said, "What is the garbage man doing out so late?".......silence.......Andy was looking out the window with a curried chicken look in his eye and said, "Well.....he's not playin' tennis, that's for sure."

It's almost 11 now and the boys are packing for Hikkaduwa. We met Big Daddy outside as we came home from dinner and confirmed the plan for leaving at 6:30am tomorrow. Big Daddy will take the boys to the train station where they'll continue by train to Hikkaduwa. First Sri Lankan train ride for Andy. I think he'll love it. Big Daddy will drive me down on Saturday, we'll pick up the boys and continue to our friend Lynn's beach-house for the weekend.

I'm headed for bed. Way beyond the blue of my bed-time. Thankful for my friend and soul-sister Emily. Thankful for the opportunity to spend time with Andreas. Thankful for Leo. So many blessings. Wishing you a good rest of the day, sweet sleep tonight, a blessed week.

Sara and the Dudes

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