not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, April 28, 2007

artwork by Patric Morin

A silent frenzy has settled upon Colombo. I have absolutely NEVER heard the city so quiet. Everyone is stationed in front of a TV, or a radio, or as close to those things as possible, to watch the Cricket World Cup Final between Sri Lanka and Australia. There is a reverence in the air for the outcome of this game. Sri Lanka wants this victory with a desperate passion that far exceeds any desire to win by Australia, I'm certain.

I wonder if that counts for anything....toward the energy of the game. Energy follows thought. I guess it's not enough to want it. They have to BELIEVE they'll win, not just hope.

The match has been postponed due to rain so they are showing highlights from the semi-finals. I kid you not, there is not a SOUND outside except the occasional speeding vehicle trying desperately to get home or to "the party" before the first ball is bowl'd.

Leo and I are cookin' up some vegi stir fry, enjoying a glass of white wine, and savoring the anxious happy energy this Saturday night.

I got my hair "highlighted" today and the result was a bit of a surprise. I'm somewhere between dirty blond and strawberry blond. It's I feel like I'm somebody else, like....Pipi Longstocking. With my freckles from the sun, I probably DO look like Pipi Longstocking.

Tomorrow we leave for the south for a few days so we will most likely be "off-line" until Thursday. We're going farther south with our boards to the place we surfed last time. A gentle cove for me to stoke my confidence. We'll stay overnight there for the first time and then join some friends for a few days at their house.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday is VESAK, a 2 day Buddhist holiday in Sri Lanka so I took Monday off and we'll enjoy the long weekend with friends.

So, what did you plant yesterday??
We have BASIL growing from Alice's seeds on the terrace. I didn't plant the seeds yesterday but they are new enough seedlings to count for Arbor Day :)

All our love,

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