not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, April 27, 2007

arbor day

It's Arbor Day which reminds me of John Denver. I liked John Denver. Remember when he was on the Muppet Show?

I told my friends at work that it was Arbor Day and about John Denver.
Lynn said, "I can't think of anything he sang..."

"Country roooooooad, ta-ake me hooooooooooome
[Lynn joined in and Patric looked at us like we were looney]
to a plaaaaaaace, where I beloooooong
[Lynn on her Irish own] West Virgin-niaaa, Mountain Mamaa
take me hoooooooooome, country rooooooad"
[rode on that bliss moment for the whole flippin' morning]

I got home tonight and Leo was reading "Dreams of My Father" one of Barak Obama's books. He looked at me across the top of the book and said very somberly, I am NOT eating rice and curry tonight, just so you know.

How'bout some pizza? said I
Yesssssss, said He
You order it, said We

I caved. I called. It's always a bit of an adventure to order over the phone.
It went a little something like this....
Dominoes, can I take your order?
Yes, I would like to order a pizza.
May I know your phone number madame?
Yes, 236-
Uh, madame, yes, may I know your phone number please?
Another six madame?
(after a workday's worth of similar conversations, I was about to crack up in hysterics or pull my hair out, one of the two....Leo peeks out from the air-con'd bedroom with a smirk on his face....He's placed the pizza order the last few times and he knows exactly the country road I'm travelin' down...) YES....
And what would you like to order?
1 large pizza with black olives. 1 garlic breadstick. 2 cheesy dips.
Madame, what do you mean black olives? you want Vegi Feast or? olives only.
Only madame? Means?
Means just black olives.
One moment madame (in the background I hear, "just black olives" over and over again...and then something in Sinhala that probably translates into, what the hell is this lady talkin' do I even ring that up?)
Ok madame. It will take a bit of time because of the weather. Heavy rain no?

The pizza man arrived not too long later with 3 cheesy dips, 1 garlic breadstick order and 1 large pizza with black olives. Correct order, extra cheesy dip, all through a Colombo rainstorm. Dude got a good tip.

We watched Bridge to Terabithia while eating our pizza. I remember reading the book when I was in 5th grade. If you haven't read it, read it. And if you haven't seen it, see it.

I think that's about all we got for you tonight.
Plant something today, you Green Beings you. Happy Arbor Day.

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