not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I arrived this morning back in Colombo. Unpacking, laundry, and the joyful rush of conversation with Leo about each of our good weeks.

Later in the afternoon, Big Daddy drove us to Sunday Jazz at Barefoot where we drank a bit of wine and ate salad, hummus, falafel, danced our heads and tapped our feet to the funky jams of the band. On the way home we stopped at a fruit stand. Fruit for the week. Bananas cut from the stalk, a taut-skinned papaya who will be perfect Tomorrow, a round watermelon full of iron (did you know?), and a sweet spikey sappy pineapple. I sense smoothies in our future.

Special thoughts to Jodi and twins who are just about to join our world, to Pops, to Tanya & Karen, to Fran, to Gram&Gramps settling back in, to birthday Silvana and birthday Christi and birthday Michael James. Blessings to your new years. Safe travels to Christi as she travels to Germany tomorrow.

Love you all. Enjoy your Sunday.

Blessings on the week.

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