not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, March 16, 2007

packin' up

My last day in Switzerland is over. Lectures, discussions, evaluations, meaningful chats, wine, and goodbyes. It was a good day and a great week. My brain is full, my spirit too. Time to pack the papers from the course and chocolate that I was requested to bring back to Sri Lanka.

I'm ready again for Colombo and looking forward to seeing Leo. Geneva, Munich, Doha, Colombo. A 24hr journey. I arrive to Colombo Sunday.

While I am on-route, I will celebrate a special day....10 year anniversary of this work. I began on March 17th, 1997 in Houston Texas. An interesting journey thus far, and it's not over yet! I'll have lots to reflect on tomorrow.

Signing off until Sunday.
Peaceful journeying dear friends.

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Doug said...

Sara, I'm glad you get to travel courtesy of the IRC. I can't think if many more pleasant places to be than Switzerland. Now days though the travel hurdles take some of the fun out of it.
Lately, it's taken up to 24 hours to fly across the USofA due to delays and cancelled flights.
Pat had to travel recently for his job to Arkansas and Mississippi. He spent several hours of layovers in multiple terminals. He hasn't flown in 25 years and he says he hopes it's another 25 before he does again...