not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, January 25, 2007

vibration at the edge of humanity

fear rips open my mind. it tears into my heart. shakes up and unseats my comfort. it humbles me. it enrages me. it strips away pretense leaving....shock, confusion, my heart running fast. I AM with a quiet fierce humble love, confused angry intolerant prayerful energy. i hold certain sounds and scenes in my mind. they don't dissolve. may this witness fuel thoughts, conversations, prayers, letters, emails, decisions. may this witness make things better, evolve my thinking speaking being...blow my sails. please. amen.

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em said...

may we continue the concentric circles reaching out from your witness vibrating, observing at the heart of conflict, violence and injustice...

may we, your community, be your cloud of witnesses...

i'm sure dr. paul farmer isn't the only one to say this...but that's where i heard it..."lives of service, depend on lives of support"

i hope you feel it. thank you for posting your prayer. i hope you'll continue to share with us who are witnessing different things wherever we are...let us all stand wherever we are humble, loving and questioning, eyes wide open vibrating out to the world. shining light on the forgotten or ignored places/people including ourselves, whispering or shouting as the spirit moves. let our anger fuel our compassionate (?what's the right word here?) fight.

prayers for everyone.