not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's sunday night

after a great weekend in hikkaduwa, i am back in colombo, but only for a brief sleep and then first thing in the morning i travel east. leo decided to stay in the surf and sand for the week since i won't be home anyway. i come back to colombo on thursday night, office work on friday, and off to hikkaduwa with big daddy on friday night to meet up with my man. we'll both be away from the home computer for the week so, unless leo makes his way over to the internet cafe (ie, the waves aren't at all surf-able or the dude gets waterlogged), we probably won't be bloggin' again until next week.
leo has a few sweet pics of our maiden voyage on our new boards. leo surfed quite a bit on saturday, caught several good ones, looked like he was having a groovy time. the boards are really light and smooth and easy to maneuver in the water. i am still on the basics and waited until today to do my thing in the waves. leo, the kind patient teacher was with me or watching me the whole time. with leo and a few sea turtles as my cheering team, all i had to do was conquer the crazy chatter in my head saying, "don't run over that swimmer, you're getting sunburnt, you're out too far, you're in too far, you're about to Falllllll" it got better the longer i was out but still a bit intimidating. the other surfers and swimmers and boogieboarders freak me out more than anything. ah'll come. next weekend will be another opportunity to get out there, turn that inner chatter down, have fun, and learn a few more things.
ok, i have stuff to do before going to bed so, peace and glad tiddings to all you good people out there. have a great week and the dawgies will blog-to-you again soon.
y'all come back now, y'hear

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katherine_lefever said...

Just wanted to thankyou for your blog and pictures keeping me updated and semi-sane whilst i sit here waiting for my next uni break to return to my Hikville home. with so many people passing through i doubt you remember but we were neighbours once at why not. me with my bike, crazy hair and paint splattered clothes but i feel rude taking sanctuary in hearing snippets about my hikkaduwa friends without saying thankyou to you.