not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2 days

we are leaving in 2 days, trading the flowers and heat and communal decision making and incense and crows and wandering city cows for snow and straight-laced traffic and lines/queues that move and quiet mornings. HOME, WHERE THINGS MAKE SENSE AND PEOPLE HUG AND SMILE AND it's where y'all are....ready or not, here we come with all our lovin.
we haven't begun to pack and I have a crazy amount of work stuff to do before then, which at this moment is stressing me out. i should go to sleep, tomorrow is a new day full of opportunities to get things done.
--but just in case tomorrow is just another one of those Sri Lankan days, I just have to remember, we have our passports and tickets. If nothing else, we'll be flying out on schedule Thursday night. van is booked with Big Daddy....we're set to go.

nonetheless, prayers for peaceful mindful last days here in Colombo. being present to the moment while getting things done. a balance of drive and calm.

this just in, Leo has started to PACK! yahoooooo. it's official, the dawgies are gearin' up.


em said...

drive and and calm...peace in all the processes..."what has been done today is done, what has not been done, has not been done...let it be"


xo xo xo xo

Jess said...

So soon.....Hugs from both of you!! I can't wait!!!