not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, December 03, 2006

cloudy sunday

leo and i are at the beach. a cloudy sunday here in Hikkaduwa. a handful of surfers at the main break, a few girls playing in the shallows. we went to the coffee shop down the street for a frothy cup 'a joe and back to watch the waves at WHY NOT. sitting under the thatched roof, we heard a few thuds above...we went down to the sand and looked back at a rather large black & grey monkey. in the year that we've been here, we've never seen a wild monkey on the beach. he didn't stick around long...bounded across the rooftops and then disappeared. (we found this monkey picture on the web, he kind of looked like this one)
it feels luxurious to not have to go home today. tomorrow is POYA so we get to stick around for another day. i will need to do a bit of work but the laptop is here and i think leo needs to do a write up on his work from last week so, we'll have a bit of "work time" today and tomorrow.

4 days until liftoff.

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