not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the home-stretch

NACKER'D but with only one more work day ahead before we liftoff. amen to that! leo and big daddy picked me up tonight from the office. leo's the best. i'm mentally glazed which has a nice pacifying effect. i did not acheive that "calm in the present moment" vibe today until about 7pm, when everyone was gone and I could sit with my tasks and hear myself think. "Mokkade karane" (What to do) was a nice thing to strive for, and i'll strive for it again tomorrow.

i'm not packed. leo said he'll pack for me tomorrow. love that man.

dinner tonight: rice, plantains, and banana flower curry tonight.

we will miss these spicy flavorful dishes while we're home but we're also looking forward to some of our stateside favorites.

tomorrow at this time we'll be almost heading off to the airport!

hugs to dad and eva who road-tripped to MN from MI yesterday/today. i heard they made it safe. blessings on their time there and back again. hugs to the rest of you.

peace and sweet dreams~

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Doug said...

Happy Trails, youngins! Enjoy your respite in London (or Paris?). Notify soon as you hit God's country. I'm trimmin the tree for the first time in years, because my youngins are comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!