not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, August 13, 2006

potato omelettes, peace prayers, and wiggly wedding horns

This morning I enjoyed some morning meditation, we had coffee, I made potato omelettes and toast for breakfast/lunch. It is grey and raining off and on. Feels nice to have a break from the sun. It was torrential for a few minutes this morning, the rain. We can hear horns and tin drums coming from the Hindu temple. Most likely a wedding. Life goes doesn't stop for war. There is a lesson in there for me.....taking in that wiggly horn harmonic and letting it charm my anxiety back down.
Yesterday there was more action in the north. The Associated Press reported that the situation is back to what it was before 2002 ceasefire agreement. We shall see what the coming week brings. It is disconcerting.
I have a little book that I read every morning with a verse and "thought for the day". Today's was PRAY FOR OTHERS and the specific verse was "Pray for me." Exodus 8:28. Talk about appropriate. Exodus...big time. Unfortunately tens of thousands are on the move, caught between sides, shells are falling, bullets are flying. All in the north and east, not Colombo.

Batticaloa news article from yesterday...

So here is our prayer for others, here in Sri Lanka, in Lebanon, in Israel, in our own cities, neighborhoods, homes, hearts, and in the forgotten or unknown places that didn't make headlines this week:

We are praying for you, brother sister mother father baby grandpa grandma aunt uncle cousin wife husband friend neighbor. Just because we haven't met, doesn't mean we don't know each other. We send you our true love, our undivided attention, our genuine concern. We pray for your strength, strength, strength of spirit. May this situation stoke LOVE inside of all of us, even in the face of suffering and adversity. Revenge is not a flag we choose to fly.

It is always someone elses war. Not ours. Not yours. Yet it affects all of our lives. We welcome our emotions such as anger and defiance and transform them into positive action such as prayers, phone calls, emails, drawing people's attention to this plight. In our minds, you hold my hand and I hold yours. We remain united. We focus on what makes us the same. We focus on our humanity. May our basic needs be met today and may we soon live without fear for our lives. Let it be so~

Meanwhile the wiggly wedding horns celebrate love down the street and the little neighbor girl downstairs is giggling and Leo is doing omelette dishes and I think I'm gonna go hug him. Then maybe climb to the roof and get some big energy from the sky.



The Youngs said...

Reading your touching ode to peace, it strikes me just how appropriate it is that two such splendid souls should be geographically in a place where you can do so much good, not only through your work which will assist the masses, but through those you touch with your positive, spiritual outlook. Miss you guys and thinking of you as the pretence fades that their isn't a war happening. Give a hug to big Leo from us, The Youngs. xxx
PS, need more regular Leo hair photos given that it changes every month! xx

Chaz said...

Hey kids,

Just checking in - heard about more scary stuff over there this morning. You're in our prayers.

Charlie, Amber and Kaleb