not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


There was another bomb blast in Colombo yesterday. A diplomat from Pakistan was targeted. Seven people died and over a dozen were injured. There's speculation over whether it was a missed target, a warning, or an accident. Regardless of the intention, attacks are becoming more frequent and closer to home.

Yesterday a stash of weapons were also found hidden in a truck, not too far from the international airport.

Also yesterday, approximately 60 children (the number varies on the news source) died in the north due to a bomb incident. Controversy over whether the children were civilians or soldiers in training continues......why waste energy on the distinction. Children is the undisputable fact.

Feeling weary about having to wade through the muck of agenda and "spin" to figure out and piece together reality. I guess we do it back home too....just on a lesser scale, or the parameters of deciphering were more familiar.

Dawgs are signing off. We gotta go wash the muck off our feet before climbing into bed. Figuratively AND physically.

Pea-th out yo


Doug said...

Dawgs...I just got back last night from KY, loaded up half my pics, will load the others tonight, with some comment. Great reunion...wish you could have been there, wish Zack could have been there. He and Whitney have a mission to rescue her brother in San Francisco.
Is there any possibility of y'all evacuating soon. At what level of violence do you seriously consider the tipping point?
Love ya's

MaMa Gast said...

Thanks for asking that Doug! I have been wondering the same thing everyday but felt uncomfortable asking. We are constantly thinking about you two and sending all our energy out there, hoping you remain safe!!!

Chaz said...

Just wanted to let you know that on yesterday's show, Kojo was talking about Sri Lanka and what's going on over there. Be safe!

MountainWave said...

Kojo Namdee. That name brings a smile. That was our "on the way home to walk the dogs at lunch" radio program. The tipping point? Not sure how to define that but we aren't there yet. We'll let you know if it happens.