not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, July 15, 2006

ramblin' saturday

o ma werrrrd, o ma werrrrd
we haven't written in ah-wahhhhhhhhhhhhle.

singapore was awesome. like the nyc of asia but safer, cleaner, and everything and everyone is on-time, sane, and courteous.

as colombo is the antithesis of everything singapore, we were in a bit of a funk upon our return. call it also the 7 month blues. them blues have been expressing themselves like blaaaaaaaaaaaaa splat sploof splick splotch blaaaaaaaaae for the past week and I think we are now resurfacing into a slightly more positive vibe. Thankful for feeling funk as a team and talk about some of the frustrations we face here with one another.

today was SWEET SWEET SWEET. we slept in which is always ACE.

i awoke from a work related yucky dream, got up and made coffee. couldn't shake the dream so walked to work. it was a steamy but sunny morning and i was slick and steamed upon arrival. i finished my 2007 plan of action document and sent it off to the bosses and came back home after only an hour-----SWEET.

i smiled at the garbage man pushing the wooden garbage cart and the garbage lady follwing behind with the broom. the man had glassy oldman eyes and didn't make eye contact, when that happens, it's fun to pretend you have the invisibility cloak wrapped around you. the garbage lady made eye contact. my smile was still kickin the love vibe. it took awhile for her but just before we passed each other, she flashed a smile...we kept walking but turned our heads towards each other to keep the friendly moment for just a moment longer....i felt like skipping along the rest of the way home but the heat and humidity and everyone staring kept my feet in normal contact with the sidewalk. next time i'm gonna skip....this town needs someone skippin down the sidewalk*!* bless the crazy in all of us, may it come out skipping more often.

came home to sweet leo. we spent the day just doing fun creative things....i drew a picture that took about 3 hours while listening to beautiful tunes such as THE BEARDED, Brian Garvey, Brett Dennen, Be Good Tanyas, Abigail Washburn, and Jen Sygit. leo surfed the net in absence of clean water waves and sent sweet vibes into cyberspace. i wiped scum off of most the States i would have described it as "dusted" but not, I wiped off the scum. leo played playstation 2. i strummed some chords on my guitar. leo took a shower. sigh...listening to good tunes and writing to you good people while leo is cookin' up some pasta. the beer will floweth soon. i might make some happy oatmeal chocochip cookies after we eat dinna.

it's my friend Alison's birthday today. blessings to her and to her new year.

i guess that's all the ramble i have and i think pasta might becoming ready.

love you all,

background blue card with tiles courtesy of crow dog press

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