not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ohhhhh me oh my.
We could tell a difference in the airport terminal in Colombo when we boarded the Singapore Airlines flight. They actually had us board the aircraft starting with the seat numbers at the rear of the plane. Yahooooo, efficiency and common sense here we come!!

Late night smooth flight, we landed in Singapore yesterday morning. It was PORING so we took a taxi to our hostel. Cars drove in their own lanes (gasp), there was traffic but no honking freaky jams. We are staying in a hostel on a hill. The hill is called MOUNT EMILY and the hostel is called HANG OUT AT MOUNT EMILY. It's a clean, hip, cheap place and about a 10-20 minute walk to the action. More walking than I've done in 6 months. It feels good to walk.

Feels so good to be in a clean safe city. Self expression through fashion is encouraged....Being here I realize that where we are living is a very restrictive, conservative place....especially for women. It feels so different and better here in that regard. Shorts! Tanktops! Whatever I want....mmm...

Singapore is a good place to buy electronics because as foreigners we can buy tax-free so we are eyeing a camera for my birthday. A manual/digital fattie. There's a huge sale in the city the whole month of July (didn't know til we arrived) and the camera we are thinking about getting comes with a 2 gig memory card, a soft case, and a dry case. Dry case is a humidity controled hard case for the tropics. Making sure your lenses and equipment don't rust or fungicize! Still contemplating though.

Guess that's it for now. More updates and pics later.



Jeff said...

Have fun & drink a couple of Singapore Slings for me :D

The Youngs said...

ha, ha, told you Singapore would be a "beautiful experience" after the mayhem. amazing that after a couple of months in SL that what felt "sanitized" previously, now just feels plane sane. hope you dawgies are keeping safe


Chaz said...

Just remember to spit that gum in the trashcan!