not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, July 17, 2006


i woke up yesterday morning to a sound i thought was Shadow panting.
in my minds eye with dreamdust, i saw him laying awake close to my head in our bed, looking out the window. the heat was making him pant. his presence made me very happy, i was smiling......but then the panting kept going and going and it was getting annoying. i sat up in bed really fast, ready to give my big white bulldog a love-shove but then i dawgs.......Sri Lanka.......and the sound was accompanied by the pounding of a hammer in the apartment above ours. the "panting" was the sound of a saw. and i chuckled sleepily. and then felt BIG lonely for my boys. i laid back down with a sore heart and lumpy throat and wrapped my arms around Leo and fell back to sleep.

thanks for the visit Shadow. can't wait to see you in December big boy. and Kodie.....he's been visiting me in my dreams too. bittersweet. i love the visits and at the same time it hurts....but in a good way. i don't want to ever forget our connection....even if it pulls on my heart.

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