not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, March 04, 2011

Funky bless-ed Friday

It is a blessing to our loved ones, our community, our world when we take time to tend to our own needs, nurture ourselves. Not to do so = negative vibes. No good. So as this week comes to a close, and Saturday and Sunday are as wide open as the ocean Herself, I ask myself, What do I need to recharge and rejuvinate? The answer I get is this: I wanna lay down and sleep...until spring preferably but an extra many hours over this weekend'll probably do wonders. I have the overtired funk (paper's done and IN, hallelujah), added to being so ready for spring it's like heartache. My cold toes are over it. Last night I came home from work (lil after 5), took a hot bath to warm my body, and went straight to bed (6). I read for three hours for pleasure, then went to sleep (9). It was divine. I was expecting to wake up a new woman, transformed by my evening in bed and many hours of sleep but, it's going to take more than that. Still feelin' the funk. Thankfully, (though I love school and absolutely adore my classmates--go ahead, say it, geeeek, and I'm proud), we don't have class this weekend. Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday are wide open. Bless-ed weekend. And from what I hear, I'm not alone, so all you weary pilgrims out there, blessings to your weekend, and may you save time and space for whatever it is that recharges your batteries~ Our loved ones, on up to the greater world community will thank us for it come Monday!


Bennett and Graves said...

Amen to that Sarah!! Have a great weekend. Gayle

Doria said...

Im hopeful it's a relaxing weekend for me as well. Going to take my time wherever I go... Just chillll! Crapola weather for us this weekend, BOOOOO on that. Im waiting the warm weather... Patiently? Doubtful.

MountainWave said...

Hope yours WAS relaxing Doria. Hi Gayle, hope you had a good weekend too. Blessings to both of you for the upcoming week.