not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

potato vacation

So, I'm telling my mom about digging potatoes last night on the phone and she goes, "It's in your blood you know" and she tells me that in Norway, there is a week in October when all the schools close so people can go and pick potatoes! It's called "potet ferie" or potato vacation. I googled it and found an American dude living in Trondheim (where I lived once upon a time) who just blogged about it. Mom said they've actually changed it from "potet ferie" to calling it "fall vacation" and many folks who don't have potatoes to dig, as Mike from Naylor's in Norway blog also says, use the week to go visit their mountain cabins. 'Round the little town of Nord Odal, where my mom is from however, there are folks pullin' beauties out of the ground left and right.

Ahhhh, there's nothing like learning the cosmic origins for one's elven enthusiasm for digging potatoes.


Richard said...

freakin awesome!

della said...

DIGGING POTATOES!!!! I can't believe that you managed to find such pleasure in that task. You gave me a whole new outlook to the idea of communing with the garden. I can just see you sitting there in the garden, talking to the potatoes and enjoying the emergence of those little treats. I SO wish that thse 80 acres in Coleman haad been more 'friendly' to the two of you. I can see you growing organic food and selling it by the road with a picture of Dad haninging over the market. Fun dreams.