not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, October 18, 2010

Diggin' dinner

Have you ever dug a potato out of the deep dark earth? It's the totally totally the best. You'd 'a thought I found gold this evening. I was working at my garden job and the woman I work for asked if I wanted to dig some potatoes. I responded with the (child/elf like) fervor I'm known for...super excited bugged out eyes and a slap-happy smile, "Yaaa!"

Never done it before. Dudes were snuggled down deep. I was so wishing I had my camera because a mound of just-dug-taters in a basket are so so pretty. My dirty hands weren't pretty but they were happy and I would have gladly "self-timer'd" the situation to bring you there, to share my enthusiasm. That's the other thing, if you ever get the chance to dig taters, do it with a friend. I didn't have anybody to say "Uh! Look what I just found!!" to, and true to form, I didn't let that stop me tonight. Birds probably thought I was talking to them.

So as I was leaving tonight, Gracie gave me two fist sized golden potatoes to bring home. Eeeeeee! Guess what's for dinner at the B-ford's tonight?

Enjoy your evening Lovelies~


Jess said...

Mashed, roasted, grilled, fried...oh so many choices! I can SO picture you diggin those up!

Love you sister!

Eva Schoon said...

I wonder how Grandpa Lewis would react to your poetic description of digging up potatoes!

Funny!! :-)

Doug said...

Many spuds were resurrected from Friendly Village ground when we were growin' up...among many other earth dwellers. The dirt is God's root cellar and getting dirty is what we were meant to do!