not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, September 26, 2010

the moments in-between a busy life

Is it possible to live slowly and fully within a busy matrix of events and responsibilities? My life has become quite full since school began and for most of you, this business of being busy is the norm. I've not been a classically busy person for a few years now and am mindful of not wanting to loose that rooted, centered feeling I have as I move almost constantly from one task to another these days. It is a learning experience.

My "time off" has become the moments in-between rather than a day here or there. This is my practice now. Practice as in--way of being, practice as in--I need practice. I am beginning to sort out the activities to maintain time for and activities whose season cannot be this one. And there's figuring out how much time I can afford to spend and still get my homework done and be on-time to work and get enough sleep. Writing time stays, although not as often, not as long. Yoga/meditation stays. Tending the garden/filling the birdbath stays although it's an abbreviated version. And having time when Leo and I can be present to each other.

These precious jewels of minutes, hours, days.

I ask this for myself, and anyone else whose intention is Presence: May we have good discernment with our time. May we learn how to live slowly and fully within our responsibilities. May we move between moments with more and more grace. May we remain fully present to it all.


Have a peace-filled Sunday everybody.

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della said...

Sara,I do understand this new 'state' that you are entering. I left it a year ago. I still work hard at this slower pace, looking for purpose in my life is sometimes a challenge. I am not as good as you at looking outside my life for ways to make my life meaningful in this new place. I too need practice. Maybe it will be of comfort that you too will find this busy time somewhat exciting as you stretch your mind and body in a different way but still save time for those things that are necessary. I love your ability to notice the small moments where ever you are so take those moments and enjoy them, even if they are just 'in between'.