not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Growing Edge Adventures

So, about 6+ years ago, Mom and Tina, together with a couple more brilliant pragmatic dreamers from East Lansing, Dave and Connie Knaggs, started a company called Growing Edge Adventures. Focusing first on training and seminars for people in the "people helping people" field, they've made a concerted effort over the past year to make the rest of their Growing Edge Adventures dreams come true. Retreats, adventure travel, in addition to supporting and training "people helping people." The idea is to enrich and replenish the personal and professional lives of people who are interested in living into and up-to their full potential.

Leo and I have been part of the team for the past year. We've assisted them behind the scenes with strategic planning, a website, etc. In August, Growing Edge Adventures took their maiden voyage of "Travel beyond tourism" to Norway. It was a hit. 10 days, 9 nights exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun. Mom arranged for not only sightseeing but also meals and discussions about interesting topics with friends and family for the tour group. Those were some of the tour groups favorite nights.

I've gotta plug 'em: They're planning another Norway trip for next summer, and whoever signs up are some lucky ducks. It's definitely a different, much more personalized way to experience Norway than you'll get anywhere else.

Just this week, the website went live. Check it out:
We're super stoked to be part of this and to finally be able to share what we've been working on with the rest of our friends and family. Please forward the website link to others you think might be interested.

The next thing that's happening is a Women's Retreat here in Wellfleet at the beginning of October. It's not too late to sign up ladies! :)

"Journey to your growing edge and discover the gift of your own transformation."

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Anonymous said...

Kudos!!! Nice work.

Those dinners and conversations sound divine.

Looking forward to hearing about the women's retreat. Big love to all of you and this endeavour.