not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, June 25, 2010


One thousand one hundred and twenty six miles. What a trip, pun totally intended. It's all one country but the plethora of subcultures across this great land is so interesting!!

We stopped for breakfast yesterday morning and the place was packed. An older woman said something I didn't hear to an older man and he hollered for all to hear, "I awlready spoke to the Lawrd about that this mornin, yes I did" big cheese grin on his face. Of course I was curious what it was that he spoke to the Lord about and I never did find out but I was also totally engrossed in the whole scene. I wish I could have taken a actually. The hairstyles, t-shirts, conversations that were going on were so DIFFERENT from what happens in my daily life. American brothers and sisters but I felt like I was visiting another country. It's so interesting to so interesting.

Yesterday on the road, I spoke with an assistant dean at the school to which I submitted m application. He told me that my standardized test scheduled for July 13th will make my application too late for consideration for Fall term. Ahhhh. I scrambled around on the web, in the car, on Leo's phone, over the hills of West Virginia, and managed to schedule another test for this coming Tuesday in Evansville, Indiana which is about an hour from Christi's house.

Seems to be our m.o. lately, get our ducks in a row and then wait on the Will of Heaven.

Today we'll join up with family for a weekend of reconnecting. 15 people, three days, one boat plus a few blessed kayaks. It'll be a year ago Sunday that my Dad died. I'm thankful to be remembering and celebrating together. I'm glad I'm not in Uzbekistan (almost deployed last week). I'm glad I'm in Kentucky. I'm glad I'm with Leo, and Eva, and Jess, and everyone else who will be part of this group this weekend.

The perfect unfolding.

Happy Friday and blessings to your weekend.

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della said...

I'm glad that we had the time together, sharing, laughing and enjoying the love of family.