not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh honey

Spring is everywhere. The world around us is waking up, budding and blossoming. Growing by leaps and bounds. Puppies, babies, the lilac bush, my ability to be present...
Spring is also "in the air" as they say. Quite literally. Pollen levels are on the rise. Busy bees. I got my honey delivery yesterday. It's beautiful, delicious, and TIMELY.

Honey created from the pollen in your area is a natural antihistamine. So before we start sniffling and sneezing, we are dippin' into the honeypot to build our immunity.

If you don't have VERY LOCAL honey in your pantry, put it on your list to pick up this weekend! Your local health food store will have it or know where to get it.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Mama Gast said...

My friend, the beekeeper, (OMG, how much do I love saying that!!! LOL) says the honey should come from within 30 miles of your home, ideally, but up to 50 miles is still some what effective. Yay for local yumminess!!