not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, April 22, 2010

bad ass oyster crew

7.30am-5 somethingpm. Straight. Hardcore. Handsore. Beats Cubeland anyday. We are sunkissed and a little slow on the uptake of pretty much anything but happy as.....oysters?

The guy we've been working for is GOODPEOPLE, and at the end of a long, laborious day of scraping thousands upon thousands of oysters, that matters a lot. He's a cool dude. Into all good things like knowing where your food comes from, gardening, supporting local small businesses, etc etc. He's also a traveler and a fisherman of impressive matter how you net it.

Halfway through the day today, our boss/friend asked if Leo would accompany him to the flats, to the "farm." Leo donned a pair of chest high waders and the biggest grin you'd ever seen. Lawd have mercy, I felt faint! That is one good lookin' shellfisherman and I wished I'd had my camera but did not.

We are bracing for a "storm" this evening. The sky is clouding over and I am praying that it does rain. Everything newly planted or budding or sprouting would appreciate a drink.

Speaking of a drink, I am going to slip into a warm bath, with a little drink of my own, and then bed with a book. I'm exhausted. Happily.

No call from "THE JOB" yet. Maybe next week. This is such a practice of PRESENCE (be where you are) and PATIENCE (what a lesson! things are NOT happening on my schedule so I go with the flow and then appear multiple creative beautiful experiences which fill our days) and Trust in the Perfect Unfolding (walk the walk.....LIFE. IS. BEAUTIFUL.).....big time.

As I've said before, I appreciate the practice that this uncertainty brings. There's something in me that NEEDS it and that's changing....slightly slowly surely....


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