not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This morning during my quiet time, something made me turn around and look out the windows. It was early and everything was completely still. Suddenly, 2 silent sprinters came racing down the road in front of the house. Coyotes. Kodie size*. In pursuit. Of what I didn't see. A gift so early in the day, of quickened pulse and amazement. What other magic stirs in the silent periphery?

*Coyotes in this area are genetically wolf/coyote and are quite a bit larger than coyotes seen out west.


karen said...

Isn't life such an amazing gift?
I love the way you write.

della said...

I think I recognize those 'dancing trees'. It looks like the trees near the trail we walked on while visiting. I'm sure that place is busy changing with the spring season.

Dikke said...

The picture is like dancing peoples. Let's dance along so we can recognize and pay attention to the participants in this scenario. Mom