not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We've settled back into the Cape house. I have loved spreading out today; unpacking and being surrounded by our things. There's snow everywhere and I keep peeking outside, checking for foxes or owls, sending "we're back, come say hi" vibes through the window. My breath makes a foggy patch on the glass and then evaporates. I am in awe of this. Breath. Life. Spirit. My thoughts spiral into fascinating realms and then they too evaporate. Sometimes I wish I could record my thoughts, capture them and play them back. Do you ever become totally awed by a common little thing like your breath against a window? I hope so. Allow yourself to be amazed by something today. And then, tell me all about it. Tell me what amazed you on this regular old day....I would love that.

In the car last night, Leo and I had great talks that took us through the States of New York and Massachusetts about work. What we want, what we don't. We're gearing up for the next chapter of work life, whatever that may be. Plowing the earth of ourselves. Movement. Amen to that.

We got home last night around 11:30, just in time for the Colbert Report. A nice way to unwind from our 16 hour drive. Morgan Freeman was the guest and it was very interesting to hear them discuss the movie Invictus.....I learned something. Remember my post from a few days ago, when I said that Invictus was a South African story told by Americans and how that was pretty much the only thing that turned me off about it? Well....what I learned last night was, Invictus is just as much about the United States as it is about South Africa. Granted, I thought of Barack Obama in a few scenes but not until Freeman and Colbert drew the parallels on last night's show did I get it. Ahhhh, yah-soooooo. Clever clever.

Off to the market tomorrow because we're down to canned goods and popcorn. With low culinary standards and a little creativity, we'll do just fine in our cozy nest tonight.

Florida and Kentucky play basketball tonight. Blandfords in the north, south, and east will be tuning in, us included. Leo's walking around in his UK gear and Cape. A Kentucky wizard. I love that man.


della said...

I'm trying this again because the previous comment didn't seem to 'take' so forgive me if it shows up twice. I am glad that you two are back in your own space after a long drive. I too love long drives with my may. It is a good way to sort out the things in your life. I will look for things that amaze me today. I am looking forward to seeing the movie even more. I hope to see it this weekend. Have fun at the market.
Love you
Aunt Della

Eva Schoon said...

Glad you had the long talk on the way home...nice to have someone to dream and plan with. I pray the traveler's Psalm over your coming and going of careers.

Pray for Haiti - my friend, Louis, is very concerned for his family who live near the Palace. So much pain!

Blessings for a wonder filled day

Doug said...

I too will take note of the little miracles thanks to you, Sara. Leo, I can't touch your level of fandom. I vote for the Kentucky Wizard as king of Big Blue Nation!!!!!!!!!!

della said...

I am amazed because I just saw a FOX in my backyard. I was talking to Eva and first one fox and then another following it went right behind our house. I'll be watching for owls next.