not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dawgs on the road again. Leo and I are pushing off for the Cape today. A 16 hour drive. We'll take turns at the wheel, listen to This American Life and Speaking of Faith podcasts, music music music.....looking forward to journeying together. We'll take the southern route, not going through Canada. The roads look fairly clear, with snow only around Lake Erie. Should be home between 10-12pm tonight. Oooooo, it'll feel good to stretch and get horizontal.

Blessings to the journey your day brings to you.


Anonymous said...

Love that picture.



Doug said...

Sorry I missed your phone call the other night, Leo! Will talk to you soon...

Doug said...

BTW, I dig your composite photo with the post! Very smooth.

della said...

I hope you two are nice and cozy, settled in your own space for a while. I am checking our calendar to see a time we might try to visit before you go off on another adventure
Aunt Della

MountainWave said...

Aunt Della, c'mon out. It would be lovely to have you here.

You guys have to check out her blog post about the purple gloves. That picture CRACKS me up.