not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, January 15, 2010

Last night I laid in bed and kept thinking of those people needing medical care, waiting...and the people still trapped in rubble, waiting. What a nightmare. I hope with all my might that help starts reaching these people, that the aid agencies are able to get to people today.

As I was lighting my Haiti candle this morning, I looked outside and saw new tracks glistening in the snow beside the house leading up to where the fox lives. Ohhhh. That made me smile...Perhaps this evening I'll catch a glimpse.

I'll tell you another thing that made me smile recently was my visit to the market. I discovered a whole new shelf!! The bargain shelf!! God bless the bargain shelf at Phoenix Market in Orleans. 29 cents for a small head of lettuce (it was still crunchy and green and good!), 29 cents for a bag of radishes, 1.29 for a bag of avocados, and 29 cents for a bag of green & yellow peppers! Hallelujah. I wanted to hug the clerk I was so thankful. As I was checking out I said "it's a beautiful day out there" and instead of a normal "it sure is" or "uh-huh" she looked at me and smiled, like really smiled and said, "I knowwww. Isn't it great?" then she was lost in thought...reverie. I was walking out the door and she goes, "It's so glisteny, isn't it?" I love happy positive thankful expressive people. Makes my world go'round.

Passing it on, really happy positive thankful vibes to where you are sitting right now. I wish you a glisteny day and if you have clouds, glisten from within my friend. Love and light to you and to Haiti.


Jess said...

Bargain shelf....awesome!

Anonymous said...

I can't get Haiti off my mind either, praying for the people and country.

What a deal to find a bargain VEGY shelf!!

Love, DeeDee