not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good morning! It's a milky white sky here this morning, unlike yesterday which was full sun. I spent a lot of time outside yesterday between a jog down to the bay and later a walk on the ocean beach. A seal joined me for a moment on my walk, swimming parallel with the beach and checkin' me out. I talked to him. They seem to be very curious about people noise. Singing, talking....So, I didn't let him down. We had a nice 'ole chat, the seal and I.

This morning, I'm thinking of going to church in Provincetown. Part of me doesn't feel like it, and another part of me craves it. It's a super open and relaxed congregation and I've been there once, right after I shaved my head. It's probably the only place where people will say to me, Wow, your hair has really GROWN! Yeah, I no longer have that shiny scalp look. It's becoming more sprouty, more fuzzy, more chia-pet as the days go by. I still really love it. All these stages. It looks a little different to me every few days.

Back to church, so...just like with jogging, I have resolved to just DO IT and not think about it too much beforehand otherwise I'll end up not going. Why go then? You ask. Well, back to the jogging metaphor, I'll be glad I went. Simple as that. I will love the service. I'll be tempted to skip the coffee and fellowship afterwards because I don't know anyone but I'll inevitably go and it will be better than I expect, even a little wonderful, happens everytime. Last time I made friends with an 82 year old happy Grandpa which totally blissed me out. So here's to entering in, becoming community, sharing my light and being inspired by others this morning.

Speaking of inspired, I just read in this morning's headlines that President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal has offered LAND in Senegal to Haitians who wish to move there! Repatriation and land. That amazes me. I admire people who walk this world with an open mind, an open heart, and outstretched hands. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes him up on that offer.

Have a beautiful day everybody. May we walk into it with an open mind, an open heart, and outstretched hands~

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della said...

On the way to Coleman yesterday the frost was heavy on the trees and the sun was just beginning to shine on them. It was definately a 'Sara' moment, the sunshine on all the white of the tree brances. Sara, you make us notice more beautiful things and enjoy the moment. You give that wonderful gift to all of us. Fuzzy hair and white tree brances, it is all a wonder to behold.