not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eyes set on Goodness

There was a vote yesterday in Massachusetts and unless you live under a log, you know that it was an important one not just for the State but for the country as a whole. Scott Brown is the new senator elect who will replace the late Senator Kennedy. Senator Kennedy served in the senate for 46 years.

The media is full of talk about the election results this morning, as are neighbors and friends. While it is important to share thoughts, good to debate and have discussion, good especially to LISTEN, what I am most interested in at this point is moving forward in the direction of Highest Good for the People. Period.

No blaming. No slamming. No pouting. No gloating.

Let's keep holding hands, or grab on if you've let go. Let's proceed down this path with our eyes set on Goodness. And as far as the rhetoric and spin that surrounds us all....just leave it in the ditch. It is of no good use.


It is President Obama's one year inaugural anniversary today. He was handed the baton in a time of great upheaval and difficulty in our nations history. I give him my honor and respect for what I consider careful thought-filled action (even though I don't always agree), significant bipartisan effort in word and deed, progress in building bridges through dialogue with other nations, and trying to do something for our broken health care system. (No matter what you believe about the health care issue, all of us can agree that we need something BETTER than we've had. That insurance companies eat WAY TOO MUCH of the pie. That it is possible to get more quality and more people insured for less than is happening now. That's the piece we need to keep in mind....we AGREE ON THAT. That's a good place to rest our minds. That's a good place to take a breath and hurl the spin in the ditch before starting again our walk.)

What I've heard referred to as weak kneed intellectualism on the part of the Obama administration I see as a wise rhythm of diplomacy and dialogue growing from a foundation of awareness, compassion, and yes intelligence. None of which is weak. None of which is weak. Yes, I meant to repeat that. Those are worthy virtues, attributes to be striven for and feel proud of as a nation.

So, for the record, I want to clearly state that I am still supportive of our President. I am not content. Things are far from perfect. But I believe in Obama and I believe that he has what it takes to lead us on the path towards our Highest Good. And he needs the help and cooperation and yes, all voices on both sides of the aisle, of the Senate and House, to move wisely and purposefully down that path. Talking and listening and cooperating on behalf of We the People. No filibustering things to their stopping point. No. That doesn't help us. And I don't mean "us" Democrats, or us Republicans. It doesn't help us Americans. No slinging mud. That doesn't help us. More WORKING and less politiking. Talk and listen and cooperate. Keep moving. Eyes set on Goodness. I can see it. I believe it happens now, and can happen even more. I hold it as a vision and prayer and goal and hope and Expectation.


Scott Brown promises to take his charge of stewardship seriously. His is the hand for me to grab onto this morning. He's not who I would have chosen but that thought, even that THOUGHT is no longer of significance or use. I let it go. Calibrate the mind and the heart, democrats and republicans, friends and family. Let's get moving, together...eyes set on Goodness.

And if I may say so myself.....Amen to that!


della said...

We are no longer a patient nation with the 24 hour news cycles. I too am mostly pleased with the current president. We are living through troubled times with MANY problems facing our country. I am willing to give Mr. Obama time to try new stratigies when dealing with the world and our national problems.

Mama Gast said...

Thanks for sharing this today. I REALLY needed to hear it. It is all too easy for me to get anxious after 10 min. of cable news! Deep breath....patience. Be the change...

Eva Schoon said...

I miss your blogging!