not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Monday, September 14, 2009

Well look what they have HERE!! we had no idea...
not sure what they're called here...Una TukTuk?

we hired a vehicle yesterday and drove to several surf breaks.
the wind was doing strange things, changing directions a lot,
we didn't surf too much but it was still an amazing day.
Toyota Land Cruiser driving on the beach in search of waves...Mmm.

Unfortunately, I got sick to my stomach in the evening, into the early morning.
Or should I say thankfully, I got sick.
Gotta respect the widsom of the body.
Something I had eaten for lunch was NOT meant to be digested.

This morning I'm feeling fine and we have the Land Cruiser again.
Ready for the day and what it brings.

Blessings to the body, blessings to the mind, blessings to the spirit

PS. my biscuits are crackin' up in a GOOD GOOD way. Lovin' every minute of it :)
PSS. Remembering JoJo's birthday today

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Doug said...

Good for your cracklin' biscuits! Lately I've been lounging with loads of yeast rolls as I'm turning into a softy in my old age...

Happy BD to Leo and Z's Mom...