not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, September 03, 2009

sight-seeing in San Juan del Sur


Anonymous said...

Happy rainy day here in Seattle. It's an awesome guilt-free reason to stay inside baking and writing letters in my robe :) Hope the weather is allowing for some surfing whatever beach you're close to or whatever way to be would feed your soul today. The sound reminds me of Saturday morning eating oatmeal with blueberries in the quiet at your Dad and Eva's listening to the rain in the backyard through the deck screen door. And the two of us freaks doing our last quiet little staring and smiling at each other in person. Big hugs to you and Leo. I can see that you left me a message in my hotmail account, but I'll have to read it on my fully functional work computer tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

xo (s) xo (l).


p.s. How's West of Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Forgot that I wanted to tell you two that there is a surfer in the my building!!! I was looking out my apt. window to the little garage/parking lot area and what should pull out but an old VW van and a guy pulling a surf board out of the back of the van and into one of the garage spaces. Now I'm looking out the window and seeing his perhaps girlfriend with her exercise ball and yoga mat. More good folks in the building and big time memories of you two being here around this time last year. A friend reported on seeing Spearhead at Bumbershoot yesterday and loving it and Julia and I were talking about Scrabble at Tougo - she said "ya, we sat outside at that picnic table with Sara and Leo last year, remember?" Love that too. Missing you both. Sending love vibes to the south central.


Doug said...

Nice pic there Leo...who are the revolutionaries in the painting?