not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dia de la Independencia

Bikini Cam

Mr Brother after some Mountain Waves

Little Nico dudes can rip

More surfing, more sun. Yesterday, the surf was a little smaller so I joined in. Of course to me it felt big, the set waves JYNORMOUS. I caught 3 of them. The first was best. I was in the perfect spot, started to paddle for it, passed a group of shortboarders who had just paddled out. I caught the wave and held onto my rail pulling myself along the left face. A great start for me. I "bit it" on the second wave, big time. I heard the boys cheering me on, it was a decent sized wave which became significantly steeper just as I was dropping into it. Instead of lifting my chin and looking "down the line", I made the common beginner mistake of looking down.....and freaking out....which almost always ends in a wipeout. Ah well. Learning learning, humble humble. It's all good. The last wave a biggie. I landed the drop but didn't make my bottom turn so it just sort of ended. Exhilarating nonetheless. The speed on those drops is significant.

After that session, we went in search of food. We stopped at one of those places that don't look like anything but if you KNOW to go there, you get nothing but authentic GOODNESS. After our bellies were full, we decided to drive to the hot springs. Nicaragua is a volcanic geothermal wonderland. You just have to know where to go, and luckily we're hanging with friends that know where to go, for hot healing bubbling springs, for good eats, for secret surf spots...
The hot springs were HOT and so soothing to our sore muscles, sunburns, cuts and scrapes. As the sun set and we dipped our feet, then slowly lowered our bodies into the natural pool, birds and bugs began their evening song. The foliage surrounding us seemed to be growing thicker by the minute. Another one of those moments, tucked away in my memory for a later time...

Jason found a little shade from the hot Nica sun

Today our friend Jason is leaving Popoyo. Leo and I will stay on for another few days before returning to San Juan del Sur and busing it back to Costa Rica. It is a good trip, present tense.

A light rain is falling, and the sun is shining....don't have to see it to know there is a rainbow, somewhere close by...

Blessings to this day~

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