not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mom and I took a walk yesterday. A 4-miler, in the woods. When do you feel the most relaxed and happy, we asked each other. Walking in the woods, we said. She was telling me about a Peruvian Shaman belief that "heavy energy" belongs to Mother Earth, and "light energy" comes from the sky. No judgement on heavy bad, light good. It is what it is. The key is Balance. Feeling heavy? Walk the land and give that energy to the earth.

I like it. Tucked it into my mind for later.

We came to a spot where we had to choose, right or left. We turned right and saw a snake! Affirmations~

I went to the movies last night. It was a disturbing and captivating experience, my mind was tilted way off to one side by the end. District 9. With my mind over there wondering what to think and what to say about the movie, we got to the car. I got in the car....once upon a time just a few minutes ago said my mind as it pulled itself slowly back to center, my big brown wallet was in the womens' bathroom, on top of the toilet paper dispenser. I ran, I checked, I asked around. Nothing, nobody. I stood in the lobby, not wanting to leave, hoping that my big brown wallet would rise to the surface if I just stood here a bit longer. Is this it? she asked. Somebody turned it in. Thank you Somebody. Thank you thank you.

Sunday morning looking out at the pines from the kitchen table.
It is quiet and there is singing, both. Not sure who or what, crickets or frogs or some other holy choir of things. The trees stand absolutely still. A gift to behold. It is the hour for meditation. For contemplation. Before the breezes begin to pull and push our branches into action.

There is a chipmunk on the picnic table. Is there a cuter little dude in all the world? Maybe, but I am in love and only have eyes for this one with his striped jacket and white fuzzy belly. Oops, he's peeling and eating Mom's tomatoes and up jumps Mom and out the door she goes, HEYYY! she said a few other things too as the little dude scampered off.

"the quiet hour has passed" i think, with a grin and a giggle. She was laughing too out there in the wet grass. The boughs of the big pine sway gently, perhaps in Mom's wake or maybe it's just time to get a move on.

Blessings to your day and to your branches~


Anonymous said...

sitting and standing and moving up and down this morning. 3 loads of laundry going downstairs, dishes waiting in the sink, baking for a goodbye gathering and in the midst a pause to stare out my window and watch and listen to 7 birds (two different types) bathing themselves in one puddle in the parking lot. big smile.

thinking longingly already about next weekend's no plans on the calendar and trying to stay present to the quiet available in short segments today instead of dragging my feet.

loving reading about you being with your mom in the woods and laughing.

love, em

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how one can be in love with a chipmunk until he/she gets into your tomatoes?