not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another day of deck work ahead of us. My body is speakin' to me this morning as I roll out of bed, as I make coffee, as I bend over to put on my shoes.

O my achin' body....uncomfortable, maybe even a little painful but there's something else too. It's like I can feel where I begin and end. My shape, defined. This morning, I feel (quite literally), what I am made of.

And though I lack the physiological lingo, I also know that the places that hurt are actually getting stronger. Oh, we could do more with that line couldn't we.....the places that hurt are actually getting stronger.


Ok, before I forget, WATER AT THE EDGES....

I was listening to one my favorite radio programs called Speaking of Faith. An episode called, The Meaning of Faith and author Anne Lamott was being interviewed. She told a story which according to my memory goes like this: She was at church, it was childrens' time during the service. All the little kids came to the front of the church. The pastor talked to them about having quiet time with God and when we are really quiet, what do we hear? One kid said he hears a dog barking, another kid said he heard somebody sneeze, people talking, etc. A 4 year old little boy said, "I hear the water at the edges...." Mmmmm. So, credit where credit is due, little boy in California and Anne Lamott, thanks for sharing with us, the water at the edges.

Deck time.
Blue skies in the morning, dew drops on the grass.
Mmm! mmm-mmm!!
i LOVE today

sending that vibe out to all of you, to your morning~

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Anonymous said...

"O we could do more with that line couldn't we?"

Hysterical. Can just hear you thinking that...what a great way to say it without s a y i n g i t explicitly.

Love you and your writing. I was feeling the edges of my body after the first 5 mornings of the yoga intensive...hello core muscles, hello side muscles. Hello weekend break.

Good to feel alive.