not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I unfurl my yoga mat, a gecko wiggles out. I smile…if I were a gecko, I’d sleep in my yoga mat too. I stretch my body and my mind. Expanding relaxing quieting settling. Tuning my instrument, my Self, to the Spirit, to the day.

A quiet day. Everything knows it. The raindrops fall, small and silent. Even the sun, gentle in its heat and light. The birds…is it possible, even the birds…pianissimo…it is the sound of the season coming to an end. 

Goodbyes are becoming a daily event. Group pictures. One last beer. Hugs. We walk people out to the road where they push their bags into a tuktuk or a van and drive away, with we, their Tribe waving and wishing them safe journey. There’s something about welcoming people and seeing them off that makes this place feel even more like home.

Strangely, the day of our departure is also approaching. We too will leave. I think. Unless we stay…God only knows. I wonder what to do next. Gentle wind twirls my hair and whispers in my ear, 

rest your mind
it is already written…


chad said...

maybe you should start looking into the feasibility of a mountain wave coffee shop....a nice addition to the shop, as well as a boost in the local population.

Zachary said...

awesome wave big sis im sooo proud of u

Zachary said...

ilove and miss uguys ;)

Emma said...

Glad that Leo is on the mend! I love reading your blog, it's like i'm still there with you. Em x