not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

10 days since my last blog posting.....dang.

Tonight I pulled into the apartment garage. It was 8pm and dark outside but the skim-milky light of the garage bulb was just enough to reveal a little critter chillin' beside the Toyota Landcruiser that I was about to pull up next to.

I pulled into the parking space, the faint light now blocked by the shadow of my car.....Gotta get out of the car.....there's a rat in the vicinity.....gotta get out of the car.

I honked my horn. Just a little honkette mind you. I'm not completely nuts.

I opened my door....just a weeeeeee little bit and SLAMMED it shut.
3 times.

I saw the building guy Ari and the security guy in my mirrors. They were exchanging looks. I cracked the passenger door opened just enough to call Ari over but not enough to invite an ambitious overly friendly rat into the car.

Ari and the security guy both came over to the car with serious looks on their face. Mokkade? (What?) "Ari....can you come to my side of the car for a minute?" Lost in translation.....I closed the door again. Security guard came around to my side. Just the distraction I needed. I leaped out, grabbed my groceries from the backseat and jumped onto the illuminated pavement.

Ari looked from me to the car, back to me. He looked under the car. He and the security guard were mumbling their theories for my insanity. They looked questioningly at me. I did my best rat-face-buck-teeth expression which I was concerned might look too much like a rabbit......Ahhhhh, CAT! Madame....meowwwww?

No.....not meowwwwww. Meowwwwwww EATING the rat. RAT.....RRRRRRAT. RAAAAAAT.

Sinhala madame?

(I don't know the word for rat in Sinhala).....Dannae (I don't know)
He has a long taaaaail....? You know....rat...with a long taaaaail?

.........Ahhhhh, ...SNAKE!

No.....not snake. RAT.


They started CRACKING UP......and so did I because it was all so stupid and hilarious and I was giddy exhausted. Madame....rat is no problem, no? Haaaaaaa, hahahahaha~

I'm sure when Rohani comes in the morning, they're gonna have another good chuckle remembering my crazy whitie-ness hoppin around, actin' a fool.

:) Stories to remember me by. That's the way I figure it.


MaMa Gast said...

Welcome back...been missing the mountainwave musings all week! DUDE...I totally get it, I don't know how long it would have taken me to get out of the car!

Doug said...

Until I got late into your blog (Sinhala madame?) I thought this was Leo blogging ;-) Kidding kiddoe...