not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Friday, February 01, 2008

Moms're here!

Pure contentment and joy, Mom and Tina arrived this morning after two days in transit from Detroit to Amsterdam to Dubai to Colombo. A very long journey. We had a wonderful first day. I am blisssssssed OUT.

The first time in Colombo, there is so much to take in. Layer upon layer of activity, of unique strange extraordinary sites whizzing by as you hurl through traffic white knuckled in Big Daddy's van, palm trees banyan trees and leaves growing out of leaves of other green lush growth swaying peacefully above the fray. We arrived home and chatted, napped, looked at pictures from home they had brought.

In the evening, we sat on the terrace with binos watching parrots crows magpies, watching the cows come home (literally), a vegetable vendor pushing his cart on the road below, the sunset.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Gallery Cafe (beetroot salad with feta, pumpkin ravioli, baked califlour souflee, fettuchini with lobster and prawn, coconut crusted modhafish fillet, margheritas, wine, strawberries and real cream), came home and it's sleepytime. Melatonin for the moms to help ease the jetlag. Natural sleepy-time for the Dawgs. It's such a gift to share our Lanka-life with the moms. What a blessing. Sweet dreams.

Peace prayers to the island tonight~

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Doug said...

Melatonin doesn't work for everybody, but it works overtime on me. VERY effective. Thanks be to God for a soft landing and warm welcome for the Michiganders!l