not all who wander are lost

not all who wander are lost

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bday part II opening pics

After coming back from time with the boys, Leo Asanka and I jumped into Asanka's tuktuk and headed to Derrick's house. Derrick works magic with our t-shirts starting from rolls of cotton fabric that Leo picks out in Colombo, then comes the design phase on the computer, then silk screen, and the end result is a pile of good lookin' shirts. The whole process is done at Derrick's house.
As we were loading the tuktuk, Dimuthu called and asked what was taking so long....everyone was waiting in the shop to boil the milk!

So, off we go with our shirts. Back to Why Not.  

Everyone gathered in the shop. Dimuthu, Ama, and Jora set up the bricks, set the small clay pot on top, arranged the kindling, poured the milk. Leo and I lit the fire. A ceremony for blessed new beginnings. We waited and coaxed the fire until the milk rose up like marshmallow and spilled over the top to put out the fire.

After the milk spilled over, we were officially open for business. We turned on Asanka's favorite song, HOPE from Jack Johnson's new album and sat around enjoying the moment.

The yellow pot was Leo's bday gift from Himali, Mahesh, Dimuthu, Ama, and Tata. Below them are MountainWave stickers.

Some tshirts are displayed on the bamboo ladders Nalinda, Dimuthu, and Jora made on Saturday. Looks cool.

More musing and pictures in the days to come. 


Emily said...

The milk blessing is really beautiful!

Chaz said...

Gotta say, Leo looks like he should have been playing ball with Dr. J back in the day with the fro! Looking good, my man!

Doug said...

Leo is looking good on his birthday, and shop opening on the same day! Seriously, Leo you look sweet and content, and what a gesture with the boys home...papa